Super Visa Insurance Broker in Scarborough: What Should You Know?

31st, Oct 2022

Super Visa Insurance Broker in Scarborough: What Should You Know?

Do you want to apply for a Super Visa, and need travel health coverage as well?  Are you looking for a top Super Visa Insurance Broker in Scarborough? Being a reliable and affordable super visa insurance service provider in Scarborough, Blue Umbrella Financial Services can advise you on the best insurance plans on super visa in Scarborough, ON.

Lunched in 2011 by the Canadian government under the influence by the IRCC, super visas were an effort to reduce the backlog of applications from tourists seeking extended stays in the country. The Super Visa is an admission permit for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and PR holders. Super visas have validity for up to 10 years. Super Visa holders can stay in Canada for up to two years and can apply for an additional year if they need it.

However, to apply for a super visa, one should strictly buy super visa insurance form a professional super visa insurance broker in Scarborough. Talk to one of our agents online to find out more.

What Does Super Visa Insurance Cover?

There are policies according to your needs & budget. One that works for you may not be appropriate to others. A plethora of coverage is available from the several Canadian insurance companies. The majority of policies will protect you from –

  • Need for Immediate Medical Attention
  • Assistance from an ambulance service
  • Tests used to diagnose a medical condition, such as laboratory analyses & MRI/X-rays
  • Prescription drugs
  • Orthotic devices& orthopedic supports
  • Treatment for toothaches
  • Appointments for further medical follow-up

What Kind of Requirements Does a Super Visa Have?

Canada’s super visa program has strict eligibility restrictions. Any application for a super visa must meet the following requirements –

  • You must prove Canadian ancestry through your children or grandchildren
  • Have a letter of invitation from your child or grandchild living in Canada
  • Have a promising letter of financial support
  • A photocopy of your Canadian relative’s passport or PR is required
  • Provide documentation demonstrating that you meet Canada’s health requirements
  • Provide proof that you have super visa insurance from a Canadian insurance provider. Get your super visa insurance from a reliable super visa insurance broker in Scarborough.

Get a super visa insurance online

Possessing a valid, fully paid-up health insurance policy issued by Blue Umbrella Financial Services is a crucial qualification for a super visa. If you are looking for the best insurance agent near you, know that super visa insurance is the precise requirements for obtaining a super visa and residency requirements. Besides, it covers your medical costs in Canada.

Coverage of super visa insurance: basic

Health care, inpatient care, and repatriation must all be there in a super visa applicant’s insurance policy. Each time a parent or grandparent enters Canada, the insurance must be in effect and the coverage must be at least $100,000 CAD. Evidence of insurance coverage for the duration of the visa’s validity is required at the port of entry.

Does the policy have 1-year validity at the time of entry? The plan must pay for immediate medical attention, potential hospitalization, medical transfer and repatriation (dead or alive). Each time the visa holder travels to Canada, the policy must be current. Make sure the insurance provider is registered and licensed when you search for the best super visa agent near you.

Are you eligible?

With the new regulations in place, licensed insurers can now offer super visa insurance to the visiting parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and PR holders. To prove to the IRCC that you have sufficient medical insurance coverage in the event that you become ill or injured during your stay in the country, you must purchase super visa insurance. Talk to your “super visa insurance broker near me” in Scarborough at Blue Umbrella Financial Services regarding the coverage and other facilities. The applicant should not place an undue financial burden on the Canadian government. if you require our other premium and popular services like life insurance, medical insurance, travel insurance, Blue Umbrella Financial services is there to assist you in an efficient manner.

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