Private Health Services

Private health insurance services refer to insurance coverage which is presented by a private entity instead of a government. Certified insurance brokers are one of those entities that offer private health insurance services.

If you are looking to invest in a private health insurance plan and want to know more about the options available, we are here to guide you and support you.

Different Types of Private Health Insurance Policies

When it comes to private health insurance policies, you have many options to apply.

  • You can enrol in a group plan purchased by your employer
  • Choose your private plan through an insurance broker
  • Select a plan through the federal marketplace
  • Invest in a catastrophic coverage plan if you qualify for it
  • Opt for a short-term coverage plan

Benefits of Investing in a Private Health Services Plan

  • A private health insurance plan will provide you with large scale financial coverage which can cover your medical expenses in your country and abroad. If you happen to suffer from a critical illness such as cancer, or heart and kidney disease, it will affect your financial standing in a severe manner.

In such a situation, investing in a private health services plan gives you economic security.

  • Another good reason to invest in a private health services plan is the gradually rising inflation in medical services. The costs of quality treatment are increasing every single day, and a genuine health services plan offered by a certified broker will help you minimize your medical expenses.
  • Private health services plans are affordable, and you can easily afford such plans for yourself and your family. Such a plan will be your ultimate saviour in an hour of need.


We, being a licensed and certified insurance broker in Ontario, will help you to choose the right private health services plan and guide you in detail. We will also offer you prices that will not cause any interruption in your usual lifestyle. Contact for more information.