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Another way to protect you and your family is through long-term care insurance. This type of insurance offers a way for you to maintain the lifestyle you are living and protect your finances if you experience medical issues that do not allow for you to perform your every day living activities. This insurance will provide you with resources to help you keep your independent lifestyle.

Facility Care

Having critical illness insurance will provide you with the resources to help cover the costs of a long term care facility. This is a daily benefit that is payable when a physician orders the insured into a long term care facility for when health care or personal care services. This daily benefit is paid directly to the person who is insured and will be in addition to any government benefits that may already be received.

It is important to note that if the long term care services are being rendered in a facility not in Canada the insured will be eligible to receive the daily benefit after the elimination period has been met and the complete medical records have been supplied to Blue Umbrella Financial Services.